We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our generous donors who have shown unwavering kindness in supporting our children-in-need and our vision of giving every child a chance, despite their circumstance or background, while spreading the Culture of Compassion and Sustainability in Singapore.

Since 1949, Singapore Red Cross has been a local humanitarian force, addressing human suffering, safeguarding lives, and responding to emergencies. Their services range from blood donor recruitment and disability support to community health initiatives. Internationally, they channel donor contributions to disaster-affected communities for relief, recovery, and reconstruction.

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Singapore Land (SingLand), formerly UIC, is a premier real estate company specializing in commercial offices, residential, and retail spaces. With a significant presence in Singapore and key global markets, our extensive portfolio includes 2.7 million sq ft of office space and 1 million sq ft of retail space. Committed to creating inclusive, sustainable environments, SingLand, a UOL Group subsidiary, collaborates to achieve sustainable growth.

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Marina Square is located in the heart of the shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural hub of the vibrant Marina Central, offering 5 exciting levels of shopping with over 200 specialty shops comprising fashion, F&B, children & lifestyle concepts.

As a recognition for its environmentally friendly and sustainable efforts, Marina Square is awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold Award based on the Green Mark 2021 In Operation.

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The National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore's foremost public organization, ensures a clean and sustainable environment by promoting resource efficiency, public health standards, and a vibrant hawker culture. Collaborating with partners and the community, NEA spearheads initiatives to motivate individuals toward environmental responsibility, contributing to a livable and sustainable Singapore for current and future generations.

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National Family Festival 2024 takes place from 25 May to 30 June 2024. It is an annual event to celebrate family ties and encourage families to engage in meaningful and fun-filled activities to strengthen family bonds. In 2023, about 200,000 participants took part in family-centric events across Singapore, and more than 60 partners offered deals and promotions to encourage families to bond and engage in new activities together.

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The Made For Families initiative, launched by the Prime Minister's Office, symbolises government and community support for Singaporean families. The brand mark signifies various ways organisations and government programs champion family values. Enhancing the Marriage and Parenthood package, the initiative aims to build a society supportive of families through diverse efforts and contributions.

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The Families for Life (FFL) Movement was established by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in 2014 and aims to build strong and resilient families. It is led by the FFL Council, and rallies like-minded individuals, families and organisations to strengthen family bonds through events, campaigns, and marriage and parenting programmes.

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