Nature's Prints: Tote Bag Adventure

Nature's Prints: Tote Bag Adventure

by Lily Valley Preschool

Suitable ages: 4-9 years and above
Duration: 45min
Donation: $30
Venue: Sustainable Kids Market @ Marina Square Foyer, L2 


🧡 This workshop is created and sponsored by Lily Valley Preschool!

🧡 You will get 250% tax deduction on your donation, and a complimentary ticket which entitles you to this workshop.

🧡 100% of your donation aids underprivileged children cared for by Singapore Red Cross’ Young Hearts.

🧡 Please retain the electronic receipt that will be emailed to you upon your donation, as the ticket to the workshop. Tickets are strictly not for resale.

🧡 Please arrive 10 min before the start of your workshop for registration.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to Collagraph printmaking inspired by artist Henri Mattise. Using various textured papers, participants will cut out organic and unique shapes which they will paste onto different bases made of a variety of materials.

Adding an eco-friendly twist, we will create our prints with natural dyes infused from flowers and leaves, instead of traditional paints. Natural colours are painted onto the collagraph and the creative image will be printed onto a tote bag.

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