Fold & Shine! Earrings with Origami (Clip-Ons Available)

Fold & Shine! Earrings with Origami (Clip-Ons Available)

by Sylph

Suitable ages: 7 years and above
Duration: 45min
Donation: $80
Venue: Sustainable Kids Market @ Marina Square Foyer, L2 

🧡 This workshop is created and sponsored by Sylph! Materials sponsored by Peace of Art. 

🧡 You will get 250% tax deduction on your donation, and a complimentary ticket which entitles you to this workshop.

🧡 100% of your donation aids underprivileged children cared for by Singapore Red Cross’ Young Hearts.

🧡 Please retain the electronic receipt that will be emailed to you upon your donation, as the ticket to the workshop. Tickets are strictly not for resale.

🧡 Please arrive 10 min before the start of your workshop for registration.

Explore the fusion of art and sustainability at Fold & Shine! Earrings with Origami Workshop. Learn the intricate folds of traditional Japanese origami, crafting stunning crane designs. 

Then pick up the technique of preserving your origami shape and structure! Lastly, witness these paper creations transform into wearable art—beautiful earrings!

By repurposing paper into jewellery, children ignite their creativity while championing sustainability. Each piece becomes a unique masterpiece, making a positive environmental impact—one fold at a time. Join us for a workshop that combines creativity, culture, and eco-consciousness!



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