Kintsugi Pond III

Kintsugi Pond III

Rajul Shah  

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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

Inspired by Kintsugi, Rajul Shah envisions a pond as nature's mending, akin to the Japanese art's gold splicing on pottery. It's about embracing flaws, repairing imperfections—depicting a planet healed from climate change's fractures.

Medium: Acrylic, Washi Paper, 23kt Gold Leaf on Wood

Framed Size: 80cm width x 60cm height x 3cm depth

Year: 2021

Artist Description:

Rajul Shah is an international mixed-media artist who merges the ancient art of kintsugi with vibrant color to offer solace amid life's chaos. Her art embodies resilience, echoing Earth's potential for healing amidst climate upheaval. Extensively trained in Japan, including at Temple’s Tokyo Campus, she has showcased her work at esteemed venues like Tokyo Tower Art Fair and Ueno No Mori Art Museum. Awards from global exhibitions adorn her career, with works gracing private collections worldwide and corporate spaces like the German Centre in Singapore. Through her art, Rajul illuminates the beauty in imperfection and the planet's capacity for renewal, reflecting Kintsugi's philosophy of balance and healing.

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