Thoughtful Bloom

Thoughtful Bloom

Parul Mehra

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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

The idea behind this artwork is of channeling positive thoughts while in a state of exuberance. This piece was created during the Covid - 19 pandemic lockdown. The situation world wide was gloom with a sense of doom. Hence this artwork was created to emanate joy to the viewer and make them think about blooms and new life cycles...

Medium: Collage, water colour pencils, gouache on paper

Framed Size: 42cm width x 37.5cm height x 1.8cm depth

Year: 2020

Artist Description:

Parul is an abstract expressionist who is constantly evolving her style. Her background in architecture trained her to work with geometric shapes & in depth perspectives and her passion for art drove her to learn more skills in mixed media compositions. Nature is her biggest muse and she enjoys exploring a variety of themes emanating from that subject. Her aim is to cultivate joy as her patrons view her works and derive a sense of calm. In her opinion art is a strong medium to convey generational issues and can be a connector of hearts beyond boundaries.

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