Peace of Art

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Artwork Description:

A captivating work that eloquently speaks to the themes of life and giving. Each delicate facet reflects the interconnectedness of all living beings, pulsating with the universal rhythm of life's heartbeat.

With a soft and luminous glow, "Heartbeat" serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of giving, inspiring all who bask in its brilliance to embrace the beauty of life and the boundless joy found in selfless acts of kindness.

Medium: the collaboration of countless individuals, bio-resin, discarded toys, wood remnants, and shattered glass.

Size: 88cm wide x 99cm height x 19cm depth

Year: 2024

Collection Description:

"Ocean of Hope" embodies the beauty of collective effort, with countless hands contributing countless hours. Sitting side by side, each person is driven by the pure and simple goal of helping those in need. Amidst the randomness and ambiguity of the creation process, every fragment of broken glass crystal, from amongst the tens of thousands used, magically comes together to produce a level of beauty surpassing imagination.

Inspired by corals, this collection reflects the vibrancy, resilience, and vulnerability underprivileged children. Supporting these children preserves precious ecosystems of hope and potential. Just as reefs sustain life, aiding these children fosters growth and renewal for a brighter, sustainable future.

100% of the winning bid aids in breaking the poverty cycle for Singapore's underprivileged children, showcasing Peace of Art’s commitment to societal betterment through art.


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