Prickly Pots

Prickly Pots



Welcome to Prickly Pots! We're your destination for adorable cacti in upcycled containers. Our passion lies in blending nature's resilience with creativity. Each cactus in our collection is handpicked for its unique charm and low-maintenance appeal.

What makes us special? We're all about sustainability. Our cacti are housed in recycled containers – from vintage teacups to quirky ceramic pots, each piece adds a touch of eco-consciousness to your space.

Join us in our mission to make sustainability stylish and bring home a prickly companion that's both adorable and eco-friendly! @prickly_pots-cacti – Where Cacti Meet Creativity!

Big thank you to Aunt Regina from Simply R&J for sponsoring the cacti and upcycled pots! Visit her at


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