Date: Sunday 26 May
Time: 2.00pm 
Venue: Sustainable Kids Market @ Marina Square Foyer L2

Experience the enchanting melodies of classical music as students from the Staccato Elite program take the stage. Through their passionate performances, these talented musicians share their love for music while raising funds for a meaningful cause. Join us as Staccato showcases the timeless allure of classical repertoires.

We are performing in support of underprivileged children living in the one-room public rental flats, to provide them with education and mentorship so they can break out of the poverty cycle, to give them opportunities that are beyond their reach. Please click the button above to donate to the Singapore Red Cross Young Hearts Programme. Thank you! 🩷


As these talented young stars take the spotlight, let their passion and energy ignite your spirits and set the stage for embracing the KIDSforKIDS initiative, in which children from all over the Singapore community unite to support the underprivileged children living amongst us. 

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