Crimson Whisper

Crimson Whisper

Julia Joes

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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

Crimson Whisper conjures mystery with rich crimson, gold, and eggplant hues, adorned with whispers of black. Floral shapes hint at hidden depths. Each stroke harbors a secret, inviting exploration. Like a hushed conversation, it entices with allure, leaving intrigue and fascination in its wake.

Medium: Alcohol ink and Piñata Gold Metallic on Nara Paper

Framed Size: 33cm width x 43cm height x 2cm depth

Year: 2023

Artist Description:

Julia is a self-taught artist from Indonesia who now resides in Singapore where she expresses herself using acrylics and alcohol ink. Her creative process begins with the careful selection of a color palette that appeals to her soul. Using her intuition, she weaves together compositions that are truly one-of-a-kind. Her art breaks the rules, exploring abstract styles and more. As her work is inspired by her feelings and color palette, Julia's work is full of life, inviting you on a journey of self-discovery. Through her art, Julia stirs feelings, sparks imagination, and connects people. Experience a world where expressing yourself is key, each stroke telling its own story.

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