A Garden of Hope

A Garden of Hope

Julia Joes

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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

A Garden of Hope, an abstract alcohol ink painting, bursts with vibrant hues, evoking renewal and vitality. Inspired by nature's beauty, it celebrates resilience and sustainability. Its dynamic composition invites viewers to embrace positive change and cultivate harmony between humanity and nature.

Medium: Alcohol ink and Piñata Gold Metallic on Nara Paper

Framed Size: 46cm width x 58cm height x 1.5cm depth

Year: 2023

Artist Description:

Julia is a self-taught artist from Indonesia who now resides in Singapore where she expresses herself using acrylics and alcohol ink. Her creative process begins with the careful selection of a color palette that appeals to her soul. Using her intuition, she weaves together compositions that are truly one-of-a-kind. Her art breaks the rules, exploring abstract styles and more. As her work is inspired by her feelings and color palette, Julia's work is full of life, inviting you on a journey of self-discovery. Through her art, Julia stirs feelings, sparks imagination, and connects people. Experience a world where expressing yourself is key, each stroke telling its own story.

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