Tips on Shaping a Sustainable Home by OHMYHOME

Tips on Shaping a Sustainable Home by OHMYHOME

To Race Wong home is more than just four walls; it's where the heart truly belongs.

She started Ohmyhome with a mission to to make home transactions easy and turn your living spaces into dreamy havens.

But Race is more than just business - she is dedicated to elevating your homes into about sustainable abodes. She believes in informed choices, from the sofa you lounge on, to the art on your walls. And her dedication doesn't stop there. Race envisions creating warm, inviting homes for everyone, homes that makes living better.

With Ohmyhome she will be promoting eco-friendly practices through three exciting initiatives.

💚Firstly, Race is hosting an AI-powered property literacy booth, aiding homeowners in making educated property decisions.

💚Secondly, she will be conducting an engaging children's workshop where kids can craft their own mini dream homes, fostering creativity and environmental awareness.

💚Lastly, she is offering a Santa photo booth to help families capture cherished moments while supporting sustainable living.

Race’s tips:

Sustainable living isn't about turning your life upside down; it's about making choices that are kinder to our planet. Here are some down-to-earth tips to get you started:

💚 Choose Kindly

Look out for eco-friendly products with special labels - they're like little green thumbs-up for the environment! And say goodbye to single-use plastics; they're so last year.

💚 Material Matters

When giving your space a refresh, go for materials that Mother Earth would high-five you for, like bamboo, reclaimed wood, and paints that don't mess with your indoor air quality. Make your choices count, and they'll last longer too!

💚 Stay Curious

Keep that curious mind buzzing! Learn more about how you can help our planet and get involved in local eco-projects. It's like being part of a big, green family. 

Remember, it's a journey, start with what fits your life, and soon you'll find that even small steps can leave big, eco-friendly footprints.

💚 Buy Locally

Support local farmers and businesses to reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of goods.

💚 Buy more along the way

This is a funny tip but when we are on the way out or going home, try to get some errands done instead of ordering a few toothpaste online because that results in a lot of additional carbon footprints and wasted packaging as well. In addition, you get to support the local stores in your community too.

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