Singapore's First Certified Carbon Neutral Christmas Market

Singapore's First Certified Carbon Neutral Christmas Market

True to Peace of Art’s cause in the Sustainable Christmas Market, of aiding Climate Refugees, carbon services company Bumiterra brings Carbon Neutrality to Peace Of Art SG’s latest campaign, the Sustainable Christmas Market, calculating the event’s total emissions for the entire day, and offsetting a total of 3 tonnes of CO2e by planting the equivalent number of trees in the Indonesian rainforest.

Bumiterra will also be providing emission data for the Sustainable Christmas Market’s vendors to bring to awareness how daily activities and consumption result in carbon emissions.

Thus, apart from being the original Sustainable Christmas Market, we can now also say that we are the first ever certified Carbon Neutral Christmas Market in Singapore.

The collaboration between the Sustainable Christmas Market and Bumiterra yielded this video, featuring the message of Christmas, Consumption & Carbon Emissions tightly knitted into a seamless and impactful reel. 



Bumiterra is founded with the mission to accelerate the green revolution and decarbonize the earth’s atmosphere. In order to effectively communicate its mission to its customers in an engaging and relevant manner. By connecting businesses to projects that protect, conserve, and restore Indonesian rainforests through the sale of carbon removal credits, Bumiterra provides a more sustainable alternative source of income for local communities that uplifts both human wellbeing and the environment.

In addition to the facilitation of direct effort in conservation and rehabilitation of rainforests, Bumiterra also provides greenhouse gas accounting services using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, assured by the AA1000 V3 international framework, where businesses are able to estimate their monthly or yearly emissions, and identify opportunities to offset carbon emissions.

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