Grateful Blooms

Grateful Blooms

Broadrick Secondary

    From $150 (Auction starts 17 May)
Donations are 250% tax deductible

Artwork Description:

Grateful Blooms: symbolizes appreciation through flowers carefully drawn, each petal a reminder of gratitude and beauty in the most simple gift.

Medium: Ink, paper, print, gratitude

Framed Size: 30cm width x 42cm height x 2cm depth

Year: 2024

Artist: Raphael (13 years old)

Collection Description:

Zentangle art, accessible to all due to its structured simplicity fostering creativity and mindfulness, is often paralleled to "the work that never ends" for its calming, meditative quality. Likewise, our personal journey of embracing Respect, Compassion and Gratitude mirrors this continuous pursuit of self-improvement and connection, akin to the perpetual nature of Zentangle creation.

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