doob's mini bean bags are Singapore-made havens for playtime! Eco-conscious comfort for kids with recycled polyester and child-safe zippers. Let them unwind in playful fun while you feel good about a sustainable choice.

At doob, comfort isn't just about sinking into our bean bags. It's about creating a ripple effect of positive impact on lives and the planet.

We believe in product innovation to bolster both physical and mental well-being. From bean bags designed to promote ergonomic comfort to weighted features encouraging relaxation, we aim to craft products that cater to everyone. This includes those on the neurodivergent spectrum, where sensory needs are unique and often overlooked.

 We actively support organisations advocating for mental health, disability, and children's well-being. Our sponsorships and collaborations translate to tangible resources and support for these communities.

 We're actively transitioning to recycled polyester and repurposing our production offcuts into delightful smaller items, striving to create a world where comfort and sustainability coexist.


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