Gratitude 1

Gratitude 1


Aged 14, Broadrick Secondary 

    From $100
(Auction starts 17 May with exhibition in Marina Square Foyer L2) 
Donations are 250% tax deductible

Artwork Description:

In a creative world, observation skills are very important  as per the artist & travel is a great way to explore, adding to a visual diary in the artistic mind. This artwork is based on creating such a story where in trails are reflected which are unexplored and they are amid unknown terrains, leading to unexpected twists & turns.

Medium: Ink, paper, print 

Framed Size: 30cm width x 42cm height x 2 depth

Year: 2024


This collection of Zentangle artworks delves into the profound influence of gratitude, respect, and compassion on human existence. Through intricate patterns and designs, the artists encapsulate the essence of these values, fostering moments of reflection and emotional resonance. Employing the meditative and intuitive techniques inherent to Zentangle, they express their interpretations, crafting visual narratives that evoke mindfulness and an appreciation for life's simple joys.

The artworks serve as a conduit for understanding the significance of gratitude, respect, and compassion in our daily interactions. Furthermore, they aim to inspire viewers to embrace these virtues, enriching their lives and contributing to a more harmonious and connected community. This exploration invites individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the good in their lives, to show esteem and consideration for themselves and others, and to understand and empathize with those around them. Through their art, the creators advocate for a collective commitment to cultivating these values, fostering a more compassionate and empathetic society.

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