Earth's Blessings

Earth's Blessings

Tobias Teo

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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

'These are all the blessings from mother earth!'. The serenity is felt during the creation, in honouring the gifts of nature and the light of hope and joy it brings to children.


Medium: Driftwood, shell barnacles, animal bones, feathers and flowers, beeswax candle.

Framed Size: 20cm width x 10cm height x 10cm depth

Year: 2024

Artist Description:

FORAGED is a series of foraged art by siblings - Thaddeus(11), Aloise(8) and Tobias(6) with their beloved foraged natural objects in their wilderness adventures home and away in foreign lands. Curated with sustainability at heart, only salvaged or repurposed items found at home were used in the creation process. These contemplative creations explore the impact human activity has on our environment and ultimately ourselves. Their new ways of seeing and interpreting the wasted old, and raw experiences of interbeing and oneness with our natural world is encapsulated in each artwork and hopes to inspire a more beautiful world our heart seeks.

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