Dance of Karma

Dance of Karma

Yashika Aggarwal

     From $290 (Auction starts 17 May)
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Gallery: Mama on Palette

Artwork Description:

This stitched puzzle tapestry abstracted from old fabric works is a sequel to "Peace by Piece." Inspired by urban settings, it symbolises land expansion and its shifting dynamics. Like space, it offers open-ended interpretations, inviting viewers to consider how spaces are formed as they mentally rearrange the puzzle.

Medium: Left over, dried acrylic paints, oil pastels scraps, textures on paper

Framed Size: 67cm width x 49cm height x 3cm depth (size of 4 Frames together)

Year: 2021

Artist Description:

Yashika, an abstract artist and devoted mother, blends her passions seamlessly. Formerly a Business Process Consultant at Singtel, she now explores the ethereal through art and yoga. Her creations delve into emotions and energies beyond the ordinary, rooted in her love for her child, partner, and spiritual journey. Trained at NAFA Singapore, she infuses her works with diverse lines and textures, reflecting the dynamic interplay of life's forces. Motherhood fuels her boundless imagination, while yoga enriches her inner world. Through her art, Yashika invites viewers to connect with the intangible, offering glimpses into the profound depths of human experience.

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